Our program is based on the principle of helping to people lose fat rather than weight, creating a more flexible program based on a client’s body composition. Crucially this is not about dieting or denial, nor is it about cooking different meals for partners or family members, everyone can benefit from this!

With Pure Physique Solutions, it is about appropriate portion sizes, developing tasty recipes and healthy food, as well as developing a long term approach to better lifestyle choices rather than a quick fix “diet.”


We are able to offer both one to one and virtual fitness programs. Crucially this is about quality and not quantity. You don’t need to obsessively go to the gym, every part of the program can be done from home.

Our program is about what works and countering a lot of fears and misconceptions- for example, weight training won’t necessarily make you look excessively muscular. With the right approach, you can achieve long term fitness goals, that will make you look and feel better and healthier.

Health foods & Supplements

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